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小山慶一郎 ♥ koyama fans
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Welcome to koyamafans! Your LJ resource for everything Koyama Keiichiro related.

 → 小山慶一郎 (Koyama Keiichiro)
 → DOB: 1984.05.01
 → Birthplace: Tokyo
 → Entered JE: 2001.01.21
 → Blood type: O
 → Height: 175 cm
 → Weight: 53 kg
 → Nicknames: Kei-chan, single eyelid
 → Hobbies: Going for walks, staring out in space
 → Family: Mom, older sister and cat; his family owns a ramen shop
 → Previous bands: K.K.Kity, MCs for Ya-ya-yah!

◎ "Let's go relax ourselves!"

     Koyama, also known as Kei (or the silly nickname, Single eyelid ;D) is a very fun, happy and hyper active member of the popular Johnny's entertainment group NEWS. He's the tallest member and what I consider to be the best looking and most talented, but I'm of course biased. He also acts, having made cameo appearances in Kurosagi and was in N's Aoi and Hanayome wa Yakudoshi. He also appears regularly as an MC on the Ya-ya-yah show!
     He's close friends with member Katou Shigeaki and often "ships" himself with other members (examples would be "KoyaShige" and "KoyaTego"). He likes to laugh and sing karaoke. When he goes the songs he likes are NewS NIPPON and the Kinki Kids. His idols are Koichi and Nagase. He likes ramen and the summer but hates tomatoes and roller coasters. ♥

◎ "Love Addiction!"

     Aside from working with NEWS, he also has put out a couple solo performances which are A++++++. They include 「Love Addiction」 and 「青いイナズマ」!
    「Love Addiction」I think shows that he's capable of much more than singing in a group. Unlike some other members (TegoMass, Yamapi, Ryo) that went solo, he isn't as appreciated, but does quite a great job! Watch yourself:

◎ "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, It's Big News!"

    This is an open community, but there have to be some rules so that drama is avoided.
01. At koyamafans, I intend to bring you news, translations, pictures and other media, but other posts are allowed, but they will be moderated. Things allowed are:
→ Fanfiction, fanart, icons, graphics, etc.
→ Media (must be friends-locked!)
→ Introduction posts to THIS POST ONLY PLEASE.
→ Anything else related to Koyama.
02. If you would like to make an introduction post, please use the following:

03. Please use an lj-cut if posting more than three icons or large pictures and fanfiction.

04. Do not argue with other members or mods! Unless it's in jest, of course. :D
05. Have fun!

◎ "Show me your affection!"

     You can navigate the community via TAGS. More will be added as I update, all media will be friends-locked! If something has lyrics and media, post is also locked. :D
01. mod posts
02. member introductions
03. community promotions
04. icons
05. music ( Please join the community to see these posts.)
06. clips (video)
07. news

◎ "Everbody, we can dance!"

     Please feel free to link to this community!! ♥ Also, please check out these other sites and communities on lj:
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→ NEWS LJ community: news_jpop
→ JE NYC community: je_nyc

◎ "Aiming for the stars!"

     If you need to get in contact with koyamafans, please either leave a comment on eliminate's lj (any post) or e-mail: extension @livejournal.com. Thank you!
     Also, thank you to reversescollide for the layout overrides. :D All other community graphics are belonging solely to koyamafans.

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